Instagram Snaps-up Another SnapChat Feature – Geostickers

Instagram Snaps-up Another SnapChat Feature – Geostickers

As each social media platform works tirelessly at outdoing each other, we have started to see a lot of overlap in features. Recently SnapChat has been the leader in innovation and has been drawing in millennials with their creative and distinctive attributes. A few months ago we saw the emergence of Instagram stories that very closely mirrored SnapChat in functionality. Now the newest features are geostickers on their stories.

What is a Geosticker?

These are graphics that can be added to your Instagram Story. They include location, temperature, time and other graphics based on the location you are in. Some stickers are specific to the city that you are in, but you can even identify the specific neighbourhoods that you are in. Currently these stickers are only available in New York City and Jakarta, but it is likely that Instagram will begin to roll out this feature to other big cities around the work soon.

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One Step Further Than SnapChat

The one thing that is truly different about the geostickers on Instagram that set them apart from SnapChat is the ability to tap the stickers and be taken to the location page for that place. This will allow users to see more public photos that have been taken in that area.

What’s Next?

With Instagram slowly following in SnapChat’s footsteps, it’s only a matter of time before we see augmented reality lenses arrive on the platform. In fact, Facebook has already acquired MSQRD last year and has applied to Messenger. We will definitely see that connection soon as Instagram continues to work on attracting and keeping its younger user base.

The Battle is On!

As the competition grows between these two apps it has created quite a rivalry. Since the arrival of Instagram Stories, there have been reports of declining SnapChat usage that ranges between 15 and 40 percent. This decline has deterred many social influencers from taking on SnapChat as another platform. Sticking with Instagram and promoting their account to a well-established user base is easier then embarking into the world of SnapChat. It will be interesting to see how SnapChat responds to its copycat competitors and how they will plan to regain the section of the market that seems to be slowly slipping away.

Not Everything is Similar

As marketers continue to use different platforms, Instagram is still seeing the best potential for growth. SnapChat has continuously focused their efforts on being a personal communication app and less of a social sharing platform. The ability for companies and social influencers to connect and cross promote with Instagram is a huge benefit. SnapChat may continue to dominate the younger market, but those loyal to Instagram will continue to stick around if the app continues to develop along with them.

Compare and Contrast

Take a look at this great infographic created by One Productions to show the difference between the two apps.

You tell us! Instagram or SnapChat?


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