iPhone’s Unexpected Shutdowns: Apple What’s Up?

iPhone’s Unexpected Shutdowns: Apple What’s Up?

What’s the Problem?

You may have heard that certain iPhones have been having issues with unexpected shutdowns. People have been reporting that their phones will turn off randomly when their batteries aren’t fully depleted. The problem is becoming known as the 30% bug. Users are frustrated with the changing battery life of their phone and have been looking for answers for over 3 months now.

The Rumours

The internet is littered with various stories and updates as to what Apple is doing about the issue. There are many stories indicating that the issue might be to do with hardware and that replacement batteries are necessary in any of the devices that are affected. Other reports claim that it was with the iOS 10.1 that everything went downhill. The iOS 10.2.1 update was supposed to be the solution, but so far users have not reported any significant improvements.

What Apple is Saying

Apple is still only admitting that a very small number of iPhone 6s devices are experiencing the issue due a problem with the battery. They are offering battery replacements for those specific phones they claim are affected. You can check to see if your iPhone Battery is one that is experiencing problems on Apple’s website. They are only phones that were manufactured between September and October of 2015. Unfortunately for most people, this is all you will see…

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Tips to Extend the Life of Your iPhone Battery

Battery issues aside, we all would love a longer battery life for our phones. Here are some tips to get the most out of your charge.

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode will automatically activate many of the functions that drain your battery, including mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects. When your iPhone reaches 20% battery you will automatically get a prompt to turn this feature on. You can also manually turn it on by opening the Settings app and under the menu category ‘Battery’, activate Low Power Mode.

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Turn Down the Brightness

The brightness of your screen has a big effect on your battery life.You should always have it set to automatically adjust the brightness based on the environment around you, but you can also manually turn it down. The easiest way to do this is to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring up your Control Centre.

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Disable Location Services

Turning off location services can help you save some precious battery life. You can choose to turn off the services for all apps together which is great when you are running out of battery quickly, or just choose to turn it off for certain apps to save your battery power in the long run.

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Put it Face Down

When you place your iPhone face down on the table it will stop the screen from lighting up. This will help to save the battery, but will not stop you from getting notified by either a vibration or audible alert.

Stop Motion & Animations

These animations run in the background and are very subtle. When you tilt your iPhone you will see the apps in the background move independently from one another, this is called the parallax effect and while it might look cool, it does drain your battery. You can turn this off under ‘Accessibility’ in Settings.

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Battery Replacement Kelowna

Fix My Touch is able to replace the battery in your iPhone if you have having trouble with it keeping a charge. It may be in your best interest to take matters into your own hands since Apple has not been responding to the overwhelming evidence of the iPhone battery issue in months. Let us make the process as easy as possible.

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