All That was Old is New Again – The Return of Nokia

All That was Old is New Again – The Return of Nokia

Throwbacks and all things vintage have been cool for a while, but usually this trend doesn’t apply to technology. As rumours swirl about the iPhone 8, Nokia is bringing back the 3310.

The original 3310 was released 17 years ago in 2000. The new version will have a few more features than the original, but will still come with the fan-favourite game, Snake. So what is all the fuss about?

One of the biggest complaints about modern phones is the lack of battery life and durability. The old Nokia phones boasted a battery that would last more than a day and felt virtually indestructible. The new Nokia 3310 has a staggering 31 day battery life on standby and 22 hours of talk time. The camera has been updated and will now have a colour screen.

This phone is relying on nostalgia. It brings you back to a simpler time when you actually picked up the phone and CALLED the person you wanted to speak to. We know, this is a tough concept to grasp as technology and gadgets have come into our lives and are continuously getting more intertwined with our personalities. There are many people who love this idea of giving up their smartphones, doing away with Facebook and living in the present… but will they?

The entire campaign is relying on people giving up something that on average, we check 85 times per day! Don’t think you use your phone that much? You can download Checky and it will how you how bad your phone checking habit really is.

If it is a simpler life that you are after, the question becomes will a simpler phone be the answer to all your problems? Having technology at the tip of our fingers at all times may have made us busier than previous generations, but if you send a lot of emails for your job, will needing to sit down at a computer to complete that task instead of sending them on your evening commute make your life less complex?

There are also many other simple options out there that have been around longer than the overhyped 3310. Just look at most of your grandparents who have managed to make it to the world of cell phones, but have stopped short of moving past their flip phone. Senior-friendly phones have been around for years, and we don’t think that many seniors will be ditching their phones to grab a Nokia for the flashy colour choices.

Rumours tell us that we might be able to expect sales to begin as early as May 2017, but we still haven’t heard about how much one of these ‘classic’ phones will set you back. We can’t say that we will be the first ones to run out and buy the new Nokia 3310, but we certainly are curious to see how well it will do.

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