Sending quick audio messages in iOS 8 :-)

Sending quick audio messages in iOS 8 :-)

The number of features that are nestled in iMessage in iOS 8 is astonishing. Messages had always been a capable and very good messaging app, but Apple has packed new features inspired by some of the more popular third party apps like WhatsApp. As one of the primary stock applications in iOS, it’s hard to not to appreciate the delicate balance of simplicity with robust features. Tasks like sending a quick photo or video have become even easier. Useful features like sharing or sending your location, let friends or family get a quick map of your location. In addition to pictures, text and maps, iOS 8 lets you send quick audio messages.


Before we start, this is a feature that works with iMessages only. Both you and the person you are sending the audio clip need to have iMessage enabled. This is a feature that requires both users have iPhones. Here’s how to enable iMessage:

Navigate to Settings > Messages > iMessage > Toggle ‘On’.

iMessage enabled

How to send quick audio messages in iOS 8

1. Open up Messages and either create a new message or tap on an open message thread.
2. At the bottom is the compose message box. If you are using iMessage, you’ll see that reflected in the faint text. You’ll also see a microphone to the right of the box. As noted above, both you and the recipient need to be iMessage users.

Audio record
3. Tap and hold the microphone. Begin speaking to record your audio message.
4. You have a number of options here. When your recording is complete, if you lift your finger, you’ll have three icons. The ‘x’ option cancels the message. The up arrow sends and the play button allows you to preview. To send or cancel immediately, do not lift your finger. Instead slide it either left to cancel or up to send.


So to recap, iMessage lets you send quick audio messages. The quickest method is to tap, hold the audio icon to record. Without lifting your finger, slide up to the arrow to send.

How to send short audio messages to an Android, Windows Phone user

If you have a friend or family member who is not an iPhone user, don’t despair. You can replicate the same capabilities using a third-party application. One of the more popular apps is WhatsApp. The application is cross-platform, meaning your friends with Android or Windows Phones can also download the app.

If you use Messages with any regularity, it’s a great reason to upgrade to iOS 8. Messages continues to offer a clean, simple messaging app. For iMessage users, they’ve built-in incredible features like quick sharing of photos, videos, maps and audio clips.

How are you using the Messages app in iOS 8?

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