5 new apps you should try

5 new apps you should try

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1. FIND. EAT. DRINK (for ios) I know, your thinking there are a billion Restaurant Apps. We’re sure even Zack Morris had one on his giant phone. This one is different. Why? It is written by people who actually know food! Not by some customer who got mad because the dressing wasn’t on the side. Actual Chefs, Bartenders and Somalians. Now you can find the spots even those in the industry can vouch for.

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2. Last Message (for Android) For when your phone is about to die and your not sure you can get a message to everyone you’ve been chatting with. The App will text, email, tweet or facebook message the friends and family you choose and alert them that your phone is about to die.
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3.Prey Anti Theft (for Android, Windows & iOS) Prey will help you find your phone or laptop if it gets lost or stolen. Basically, you install a small agent to your device which waits for a remote signal to wake up. It then sends an SMS to your phone or gathers data through the internet to locate it, find out who is using it and what they are doing with it, thanks to it’s system reports. You can customize the settings to play a sound, alarm or display a message on the screen.
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4. Clips (for iOS) The simpler way to copy and paste. Clips lets you select part of any app on your iPhone or iPad. It also has a widget where the clips are stored for later use and are backed up to iCloud.
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5. Instapaper (for iOS & Android) This app makes for much cleaner storage of information to read or share at a later date, even without an internet connection. This new version of the App allows for storage in Evernote, has improved text to speech functionality and makes for easier sharing than before.

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