4 Important Things to Check When Buying a Used Smartphone

4 Important Things to Check When Buying a Used Smartphone

Second_hand_smartphonesThere are a few functions in a Smartphone that you wouldn’t know work just by looking. Let’s face it, phones are dropped. Repeatedly. Not all damage is physical or visible. Even in a case, Internal damage can be caused by dropping or vibration. There are processor chips on the logic board which are responsible for sound, microphone and antennas for cellular, wifi and bluetooth signals. When you are looking a a used device, check to see that everything is working fine before you commit because chances are good that you won’t be able to find that person again, or they simply won’t care.  Be sure to check these 4 things before proceeding with your deal:

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1. Signal: Check the Cellular, Bluetooth and Wifi signals before you hand over the bucks. Check cellular, by simply inserting your active sim card. If you see bars and can make a test call, your good. Wifi signals will show up when you turn wifi on in the settings. If you can see signals, the wifi works. You don’t have to connect to any one network. Then check the bluetooth by turning it on and trying to pair or detect another device.
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2. Find My iPhone (iPhones only): If you are buying a used iPhone, you MUST make sure the seller has turned off find my iPhone for this device. If you don’t, you will not be able to use the device with your own Apple id.You can NOT get past this. If the seller does not know their password or can not remove it, do not proceed as it is likely a stolen or lost device and should be returned to it’s owner.
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3. Water Damage: Most Android or Windows phones have a removable battery, on which are water damage indicator stickers. If they are red, the phone has had contact with liquid. If they are peeled off or missing, be weary. iPhones have 2 visible water damage indicators: In the headphone jack and charge port. You’ll have to shine a light in the 2 spots to see the sticker. They too will be red if the phone has had contact with water or liquid. If there is water damage, there is risk of the phone not working in the future. Water damage phones are very unpredictable and may work for a time, but eventually may either just die or certain features may stop working.
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4. Sound, Mic and Vibration: Check that the speakers (both ear and loudspeaker) work. Make a quick call to verify that the mic works.
Once you have checked these 4 functions, you can be confident that you are getting a working device. There may be other issues down the road. When buying used, you don’t know how the phone was treated, but these steps will help you find the most common issues which are not visible to the eye.

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