7 Real important things to consider when choosing between Blackberry Passport, iPhone6, Galaxy, Windows…

7 Real important things to consider when choosing between Blackberry Passport, iPhone6, Galaxy, Windows…

Smartphones, wearables, apps, software updates, cases, protectors; my head is spinning with all the decisions one must make when deciding how to best make a phone call. That’s the ultimate purpose of a mobile phone, isn’t it? Nope. Not since the smartphone took over.

Smartphones are like portable computers, and especially for business professionals, choosing the right one nowadays can be extremely complicated. There are many things you must consider and many things the media tells you to consider. I want to break free of the media fluff and remind business professionals what’s really important to consider when purchasing a smartphone (#FirstWorldProblems).

1. Choose an operating system (OS).

There are 4 main OS on the market today: Android, iPhone, Windows, and Blackberry. They do mostly the same things, however, each have their own unique capabilities, bonuses, and fallbacks. Read LAPTOP and ebay’s articles explaining the differences in greater detail.

2. Determining what you really do on your phone.

What do you need in a smartphone for the effective flow of your lifestyle? There’s always going to be something newer, better, and trendier. There’s always going to be that die-hard iPhone advocate (@MarkCRobins) and surprisingly loyal Blackberry patriot who tell you what to buy.

Are there specific apps you must have for work? Are they available on all OS app stores? For example, Facebook and Twitter for social networking, WordPress for website managing, iMessage for instant messaging on and off the computer, Dropbox for file sharing, Microsoft Word & Excel for document preparing, etc.

3. Where is your phone?

Whether you like your phone in a hip clip on your belt, in your back pocket, in your purse or briefcase, inside the couch somewhere, or ALWAYS in your hand, consider the accessories you may need. Certain phones, especially those that aren’t trendy, don’t have a great selection. Consider checking online for a larger selection.

4. How big (or small) of smartphone do you need?

They come in all shapes and sizes: flip, flat, touch, with buttons, without buttons, square, rounded, tiny, and massive. Do you prefer a smaller phone or do you like the idea of your smartphone doubling as a tablet for projects?

5. How often (and what specifically for) do you use your camera?

Business professionals might need a camera on their phone for their social networking and online marketing efforts. Keep in mind that MegaPixels aren’t as important as the media makes you think. Also, some smartphones have neat features like eraser mode, manual controls, image stabilization, and editing capabilities that can increase the level of professionalism.

6. Which carrier will you use?

There are a number of Canadian carriers available to choose from. Before you decide on one, look into these 5 things to consider when choosing a carrier: coverage, data speeds, plans, your phone, and customer service.

7. What’s your budget?

Determine how much you can comfortably spend on a device. Factor in any extras you think you may need (extended warranties, stylus, life proof screens and cases) and any additional costs that may occur (cancellation fees, early upgrade fees, administration fees, upgraded RAM, taxes, talk and text plans, etc.).

What Smartphone do You Use?

I’d love to hear what phone you’re using and why you chose it. Were you standing in line for the iPhone6 release? Were you crossing your fingers that the Blackberry Passport would launch the Canadian tech company back onto the competitive smartphone market?


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