Blackberry losses narrow

Blackberry losses narrow



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Blackberry is bringing their respective losses narrow – CEO John Chen “confident that we will achieve break-even cash flow by the end of the fiscal year 2015.”

“Our workforce restructuring is now complete, and we are focusing on revenue growth with judicious investments to further our leadership pos

ition in enterprise mobility and security, driving us towards non-GAAP profitability during FY16,” – CEO John Chen

Over the past years the companies revenue has taken a massive dive, to the point where there has been mass speculationas to the validity of the companies future. Last quarters loss of $207 million, the previous years loss of $965 million, ads to the loss with a revenue of $916 million the year before, which is still down from the year before that at a revenue of  $1.57 billion.

Here’s how the gross revenue was divided:

  1. 46 per cent hardware
  2. 46 per cent services
  3. 8 per cent software and other revenue

Above content sourced through Mobile World.

The Blackberry Passport was sold out on the Blackberry website, as well as on Amazon.com in hours. This Passport to fiscal recovery appears to being standing firmly, with the hopes that the years past losses may finally be over.



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