BlackBerry Passport, a good step?

BlackBerry Passport, a good step?

blackberry_passport5BlackBerry is looking up with the tip of sales,  200,000 units since Wednesday


BlackBerry is looking to make a new image out of what we all think of their phones with the new shape and design of the “Passport”. Early sales say the company could be doing well with the idea, but at this point all they have is hope the the momentum will continue, and maybe even get a little boost from all the Apple press. (As sighted here at the Glob and Mail)

The Passport sold out in six hours on its own website, and sold out in 10 hours on Amazon. Before it sold out, the Passport was the top unlocked smartphone on the e-tailer’s site. Now if you search Amazon.com or Amazon.ca for the device, the only items available are accessories.

Clearly this is another device by this company aimed at the white cooler world community, the new spear to drive the market back in the direction of a smaller quarterly margin, possibly even a surge. (Yahoo Finance)

Next up for BlackBerry on the device front is the Bold-like BlackBerry Classic, and we can be expecting news on this devices shortly!


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