Consumer Reports Bend Testing :-)

Consumer Reports Bend Testing :-)

CRO_Electronics_Bent_Phones_Scattered_09-14 copyAfter Apple received 9 complaints of the iPhone 6 Plus bending when it’s not supposed to, Consumer Reports decided to complete a study comparing the “bendabilty” of all the major larger in size, hand healed devices. So how does the iPhone 6 Plus hold up when compared to competition?

An Instron compression test machine, as shown in this video linked here to watch the test at it’s original source, was used to scientifically add pressure to these devices. Weight was added in 10 pound increments until the phones were permanently bent. Surprisingly, the plastic-bodied Galaxy Note 3 wins with 150lbs,  LG G3 130lbs, iPhone 6 Plus 90lbs, and the HTC One M8 as well as the iPhone 6 came in last place withstanding  just 70lbs pressure. Still, even pressing down with 70lbs requires quite a bit of effort; roughly the same as trying to break four  wooden pencils simultaneously. Don’t try it with your bare hands—or at least point it away from other people. Because splinters.[Consumer Reports]

Below, please find the photo of your favourite phone, after finally bowing to the Instron compression test machine 🙂

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