Criminal iPhone 6 Plus Bending?

Criminal iPhone 6 Plus Bending?

nxadsbc7brqj1khn7jky copyFor some reason, even though only 9 people reported this happening by accident, people actually think it’s a good idea to go into Apple stores to see if they can bend an iPhone… Undoubtedly, it is understood that this is something that should not be done for the obvious ethical reasons, it should be pointed out that wrongfully damaging any stores’ property intentionally is a criminal offence and will likely result in charges, as it has for the assumably well of mind adults who decided to do just that.

A couple kids, also presumably sound of mind, in this article called “Stupid kids try to bend iPhones at an Apple Store, post video proving how dumb they are.” If you like to watch these chumps bending an iPhone 6 Plus in an Apple Store.

This is not research, these people are A’holes.

Will the iPhone 6 Plus bend? Yes. Will Apple take replace the iPhone’s accidentally bent? Yes.

Will any phone bend? According to Consumer Reports, all mobile phones will bend.

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