Device Repair Warranty Information

At Fix My Touch Kelowna we are proud to have the BEST MOBILE DEVICE REPAIR WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY, sometimes better than the original manufacturers warranty. Mobile device repair is done with one thing in mind, perfection. For all your mobile device and cell phone repair needs, be sure not to spend too much money somewhere else on substandard repair and parts. Our warranty is for 12 months, or 365 days, and is nontransferable.

Some people ask, “doesn’t third party repair of my device then void my manufacturers warranty?” The truth is any physical damage to your device automatically voids your manufacturers warranty, so before you even come in your warranty is void.  We have seen many examples where physical damage, even damage not related to problem (e.g. the sim card is not working, but there also happens to be a crack in screen) is not covered by the manufacturer. Basically if there has been any damage to the device, they are unwilling to consider any device failures as manufacturer faulty.

All mobile device repairs at Fix My Touch are considered to be after manufacturers warranty, as it is unethical to perform repairs, even of the highest quality, and pretend the device is manufacturer faulty, or to request AppleCare service with undisclosed damages.  Further more, all Apple device components are bar coded linked to the specific device serial number, which is of course registered and recorded by Apple during assembly. All devices with third party repairs will have mismatching barcodes, even if the repairs are done with “Apple Quality Parts” voiding the warranty of the device and making the device ineligible for future Apple Service.

The above are reasons why we at Fix My Touch believe that we are responsible for producing the highest quality product with the best warranty available; because ethics is our business, and your phone is our product.


Warranty Details

What’s covered:

Any parts we replace during a repair are covered under our warranty, provided there is no new physical damage to your device (e.g. the device has been dropped or damaged in some way after the repair.) For warranty coverage, defects have to be reported immediately after you detect them. If a part is defective, it will be replaced free of charge.

For most computer repairs, we offer a 1 year warranty on parts (mainboard replacements are often refurbished and have a 90 day warranty). There may be some exclusions, for specific information it is best to contact us directly. You can also review our laptop repair prices on our website.

What’s not covered:

Physical damage post repair (if you dropped it, cracked the screen, bent the phone etc)

Water damage: Because of the instability water damage causes to a device, the warranty may not apply. Although we do provide water damage repair service, other issues down the road could result from the water damage (not the repair). When dealing with water damage we always first we clean away the corrosion, then re-assemble and test the device, if it works we may not need any additional component repairs – if we do replace, say a screen or a charge port, then that part would be covered under our warranty.

If we do a part swap – as in you bring in an old phone and want to use the parts from it to repair your current phone, those parts are not covered. If we sell you a part and you install it yourself, the warranty may be valid upon inspection of the device.

If you supply us with parts for a repair from some other provider then warranty may be available from wherever the parts were purchased, however we will not provide warranty support for parts we did not supply. There may be also be a cost associated with the removal of self supplied parts.

As always if you have any specific question you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to evaluate your individual situation to assess if it is warranty approved. We stand behind our warranty and the quality of our parts and repairs. Like we say, there is only one kind of perfect.

12 month warranty on device repairs Fix My Touch Kelowna