Give you phone a pick-me-up!

Give you phone a pick-me-up!

For those who a little slower on the up-take, you phone is just a computer in your pocket.

If your computer is running slower than you’d like it’s because you ned to clear away some of the tasks that you have your computer running in the background. If you’r computer doesn’t have enough space to ad more photo’s and upgrade the operating system, you’ll just need to make some room; here’s some tips from Kim Momando:

Want to free up memory to store new apps? Then, you need a cleaning app to get rid of all of the data that’s clogging up your tablet or phone and taking up valuable space.

Your gadgets and apps continuously collect history and logging data that affect your phone’s performance if you don’t clean house once in a while. For instance, your Web browser stores little snapshots of the sites you visit in its cache. That cache can start to bog down your phone or tablet when it gets too big.

That’s why you need 1Tap Cleaner for Android to clean everything out once in a while to keep your gadget running at top speed with enough storage space for all of your stuff. It’s like a digital spring cleaning.

In the Cache Cleaner section, you can delete all of the browser and app cache data on your gadget. It’ll show you a list of all of the apps on your phone or tablet and how much space each cache is taking up.

Remember that wiping out the cache will clear stored info like searches and passwords. The History section lets you delete all of the stored history info from your Web browser, Google Play app store and Clipboard.

Another common source of clutter is your call and text logs. Every time you receive a call or message, that info is stored. This area lets you delete old call information and even clear old text messages.

Make sure you save any texts you want to keep before wiping everything out, though.

There’s also a clear all option for each area if you just want to wipe everything completely.

The app is only for Android, but if you’re an iPhone user, I’ve got a few tips to help you keep your cache’s clear, too.

Cleaning up your gadget is a little more intensive for iOS users because there isn’t a great all-in-one app. To clear your Web browser like Safari, click the Settings app. Then, select the browser from the drop-down menu and you’ll see buttons to delete the cache and history.

For other apps, click the Settings app and select General. From there, you can select the usage option. The top of the area will show you how much space is available on your gadget and how much you’ve used so far.

This area will contain a list of every app on you have and show you how much space each one is taking up. To clear out an app, just click it. If the app has a clear cache option, you’ll see it here.

You can also clear out your messages and call logs to save space.

To delete old texts, click the iMessage app. Then, click the Edit button in the upper left hand corner.

Use the red circles to delete conversations. You can also go into conversations to delete specific messages. You can clear the call log in the same way by clicking the phone icon.


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