How to Get Pictures off a Broken Phone and Other Data

How to Get Pictures off a Broken Phone and Other Data

Everyone knows that one person whose phone screen has more cracks than a plumber’s convention but they’re still using it. If that person is you, then it’s best to have a plan in case the newest crack ends up breaking your phone. Namely, a plan for how to get pictures off a broken phone in addition to other data.

Luckily for you, we’ve detailed several ways below you can get your phone’s data back with ease.

How to Get Pictures Off a Broken Phone: Restore From an Existing Backup

Some phones help you set up a backup system during your phone’s set up so you can still get pictures off of a broken phone. If you have, then you’re in luck since all you need to do is run the recovery system that’s built-in to get access to the latest backup of your phone.

If you haven’t, then you still might be able to get at least some of your data and info from the cloud storage services (Google Drive/Photos, iCloud, etc.) your phone may have been saving your information to.

We’d also recommend in future making sure to sign up for or install a backup service so you can recover your data if need be.

However, if your phone is badly damaged then you may not be able to access the recovery program by using your phone’s touchscreen. In that case…

Smartphone micro SD card recovery

Check the Storage If You Can Access It

If your smartphone screen won’t flicker to life, it’s still not the end of the world. You can potentially still access your information from the actual hardware in the phone itself. Simply plug it into your computer to search your phone’s folders for images and data.

If you can’t and your phone’s info is stored on an SD card, take the SD card out of your phone. Use a card reader to plug your SD card into your computer and try to get the files and pictures from your phone that way.

Use Data Recovery Software

Finally, if you can at least plug your phone into your computer (and your computer can open it) then you can run special phone data recovery software.

These vary between computers, although Windows does have a default program (the built-in chkdsk utility). However, there are plenty of other available dedicated pieces of software that can potentially resurrect your phone’s data.

Although your phone may not be working as it once was, there are clearly plenty of ways you can still get your pictures, videos, and more off of your phone.



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