iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9

iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9

 First GeekBench scores of the iPad Air 2 show Apple has for the first time moved past dual core and has gone triple core. They have also finally gone with 2GB of RAM.ipad-air-2_vs_nexus-9
From the results we see lower single core performance than the 64 bit K1 in the Nexus 9. But since it has one more core than the Nexus 9, the multi core score is higher.I’m also adding the iPad Air and and the iPad Mini 3 (as it’s the same as the Mini 2). So we can also compare those results with the Nexus 9.Single Core:
– Nexus 9 Tegra K1 – 1903
– iPad Air 2 A8X – 1812
– iPad Air A7 – 1472
– iPad Mini 2/3 A7 – 1384

Multi Core :
– iPad Air 2 A8X – 4477
– Nexus 9 Tegra K1 – 3166
– iPad Air A7 – 2664
– iPad Mini 2/3 A7 – 2494

When it comes to running apps that aren’t optimized for multi core the Nexus 9 is the fastest. But for heavily threaded apps that can take advantage of more than two cores the iPad Air 2 leads.

We also see the identically priced iPad Mini 3 & the first iPad Air trailing behind in both single core and multi core benchmarks.

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