iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Decision time

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Decision time


Hello there, dear reader. Welcome to the final installment of this series of soul-searching articles in which I attempt to discern which of my two favorite phablets is superior. In one hand, my trusty Galaxy Note 3. I chose this phone to test because it’s my personal phone, which I’ve been using since the beginning of the year. It replaced the Note 2 I had previously.

In the other hand, the shiny new iPhone 6 Plus — which, I should add, is still perfectly flat despite frequent placement in pockets of numerous pants, both loose and fitted.

This isn’t the first time I’ve pondered making the jump fromAndroid to iOS. I seriously considered switching when the 5 rolled around, because there was finally a decent-sized iPhone. I again struggled with the decision with the iPhone 5S. The extra performance, plus the fingerprint scanner, really caught my eye. But, the keyboard disappointed, and I still liked the size of the Note better.

To read the full article, please follow this link: http://www.cnet.com/news/iphone-6-plus-vs-samsung-galaxy-note-3-decision-time/

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