Moto G 300.00ish versus iPhone 5s 600.00ish

Recently in an interview  between mark Hairs and the Motorola CEO Denice Woodside “We wanted to package all of the components of the iPhone5s into a more affordable form package,” how do you think they did?Moto g red iPhone5

Both of these devices are obviously going to be similar in specs, does anyone else notice that when they’re clocking single core performance they say that the iPhone single core vastly out performs the MotoG single core, but don’t take into account that the Moto G is running a Quad Core processor (4c ores) and the iPhone 5s is only running a dual core processor (2 cores)? so even if a single core is clocked slower there are twice as many of them running at any single time thusly requiring doubling the score the Moto G got, if this test was to compare the actual real life processing speeds of these two devices.

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