Phone Repair Warranty at Fix My Touch

Phone Repair Warranty at Fix My Touch

Most of us depend on our smartphones for a variety of tasks throughout the day, so it only makes sense to invest in phone repair warranty.  

At Fix My Touch in Kelowna, we strive to stay on trend and up-to-date on the latest cell phone news and smartphone technology, and provide our clients with the best cell phone repair and phone repair warranty. Still not convinced that investing in phone repair warranty is an asset? Take the reasons why phone repair warranty is a good investment from our team at Fix My Touch. 

Cell Phone Repair & Warranty: Save Money

Mobile device repair is done with one thing in mind, perfection. Save yourself from paying out of pocket for phone repairs and parts.   

We’ve witnessed and fixed countless Kelowna phone repairs and issues for both Android devices and iPhones. We know first-hand that a warranty will save you if you have a phone repair issue.  

Customers often ask if a third-party repair will void their manufacturer’s warranty? In actuality, any physical damage to your smartphone automatically voids your manufacturer’s warranty, which means your warranty is void before you even arrive at our Kelowna cell phone repair store. We’ve witnessed physical damage, even damage unrelated to the initial cell phone repair problem. For instance, you may have a malfunctioning sim card, but there also happens to be a crack in the screen. In this case, the cracked screen will not be covered by the manufacturer. Basically if there has been any damage to the device, they are unwilling to consider any device failures as manufacturer faulty.  

Third-Party Phone Repair Warranty

Fix My Touch is responsible for producing the highest quality products with the best warranty available; because ethics is our business, and your phone is our product. 

All cell phone repairs completed at Fix My Touch are considered to be after manufacturers warranty, as it is unethical to perform repairs, even of the highest quality, and pretend the device is manufacturer faulty, or to request AppleCare service with undisclosed damages. Furthermore, all Apple device components are barcoded linked to the specific device serial number, which is of course registered and recorded by Apple during assembly. All devices with third-party repairs will have mismatching barcodes, even if the repairs are done with “Apple Quality Parts” voiding the warranty of the device and making the device ineligible for future Apple Service.  

Fix My Touch Phone Repair Warranty

We are proud to have the best phone repair warranty in the industry 

For all your mobile device and cell phone repair needs, save money on substandard repair and parts with our 12 months, or 365 days, and is nontransferable warranty.  

Any parts replaced during a phone repair will be covered under our warranty, provided there is no new physical damage to your device. If you detect a defectreport it immediately. If a part is defective, it will be replaced free of charge. 

Physical damage post phone repair, such as a cracked the screen or bent the phone, is not covered under a phone repair warranty. Duto the instability water damage causes to a device, the warranty may not apply. We do, however, provide water damage repair serviceTake a look at our warranty page more information on our phone repair warranty service and regulations 

If you have any specific question, contact us directly at our cell phone repair store in Kelowna. We would be happy to evaluate your individual situation to assess if it is warranty approved. We stand behind our warranty and the quality of our parts and repairs. 

Kelowna’s and Canada’s leading Cell Phone Repair Store

Visit the Fix My Touch conventionally located in Kelowna for all your handheld device repairs. We serve customers locally and across the country by providing the very best in cell phone repair, and mobile device restorations and modifications. 

Contact Fix My Touch for all your cell phone repairs, smartphone accessories and the latest news.


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