Date: 02 Mar 2015
Cat: Apple, iPhone 5c


iPhone 5c with green mirrored screen replacement - Fix My Touch Kelowna

iPhone 5 silver mirrored screen protector - Fix My Touch Kelowna

iPhone 5 silver mirrored rear housing - Fix My Touch Kelowna


Fix My Touch is now carrying tempered glass screen protectors in 6 colours! Gold, Silver, Purple, Blue, Green, and Clear, for all iPhone 5th generation devices, as well as Samsung devices.  Note how the mirrored finish is on the front around the LCD, and across the whole of the rear of the phone. There’s no more reflective screen catching the light in the summer sun so you can’t see what’s on the phone. And there’s no more being committed to the same colour like when installing a mirrored screen assembly. AND did we mention that it’s a tempered glass screen protector, the toughest screen protector ever developed ANYWHERE!!!
Come get them before we have to order more, they’re going fast.

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