Date: 14 Nov 2014
Cat: Apple, iPhone 6



iPhone 6 repair before and after Fix My Touch

Prices currently fluctuating on repairs for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but check out the Fix My Touch warranty to see why these repairs will always be worth it!

Fix My Touch iPhone Repair Warranty: the best warranty in the industry, often times better than the original manufactures warranty. iPhone Repair is done with one thing in mind, perfection. For all your iPhone repair needs, be sure not to spend too much money on substandard iPhone repair somewhere else. This warranty does not expire due to a limited 30 or 90 day time frame, but for the lifetime of your phone as it is owned by the person or organization who submitted the device for repair.

All Apple Device Repairs at Fix My Touch are considered to be after manufacturers warranty, as it is unethical to perform repairs, even of the highest quality, and pretend the device is manufacture faulty, or to request AppleCare service with undisclosed damages.

Further more, all Apple device components are bar coded linked to the specific device serial number, which is of course registered and recorded by Apple. All devices with third party repairs will have mismatching barcodes, even if the repairs are done with “Apple Quality Parts” voiding the warranty of the device and making the device ineligible for future Apple Service.

The above are reasons why, we at Fix My Touch, believe that we are responsible for producing the highest quality product with the best warranty available; because ethics is our business, and your phone is our product.