Repairing your Connection

Repairing your Connection

Mobile technology has been advancing at a rapid pace in the last 5 years, today almost everyone you know uses a cell phone or mobile device daily. We are so connected to our phones; they contain our contacts, our calendars, our email, our whole lives basically (when was the last time you dialed a number from memory?).

Cell phones have allowed us to become the ultimate multi-taskers, now you can have a conference call while fixing dinner or catch up with grandma while at the same time shopping for a new pair of shoes.  You forgot the grocery list at home? A quick text and you’ve got your list in hand. How about directions? No need to write them down, just plug the address into Maps and you get turn by turn instructions. Finally, if you need to settle that argument about whether hazelnuts grow on trees or on bushes just do a quick Google search and get your answer in minutes. We also use our phones to do important tasks like banking and for entertainment like music and watching videos.

Our devices are more than just a convenience, they have become our connection to friends and family and an essential communication tool for business.  For anyone who has kids, the piece of mind of being able to connect with your child anytime anywhere is priceless. When you are traveling for work, you can easily stay in touch with the office via email or text. We are more connected and more efficient than ever, which makes it all the more devastating when something happens to our beloved device. A broken phone can really throw us off, it leaves us feeling lost and often times frustrated because we don’t even realize how much we rely on it day to day.

Bearing all these things in mind there are some thing you can do to help protect your device and, more importantly, it’s precious contents (contacts, photos, music, etc.). If you are accident prone, consider investing in a good heavy duty case. We carry a selection of cases and accessories to protect your phone and iPad or tablet. Another thing you should be doing if you have an iPhone is regular backups to iCloud, if something happens to your phone backups will ensure you don’t lose all your valuable data. If you’re unsure about how to do this, we can help you out with that.

When we started Fix My Touch, we wanted to do more than just repair cell phones. We built our company on a set of core values, one of which is fast service because we know how stressful it can be when you lose your connection to the world. Being without your phone costs you time, money, & connection with loved ones. We pride ourselves on being able to get your phone repaired and back in your hands in as little as 20-30mins! We are also committed to quality standards, we always say “There’s only one kind of perfect” and that shows our dedication to providing the highest quality parts and service.

So, broken phone? Don’t panic, come see us and we will repair your connection to your family, friends, work, and the world quickly and get you back on track in no time! If you have device specific question, please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer them.

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