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Top 5 Handy Apps for Winter

Nature has lastly decided its wintertime in the end of this month, we will have to start thinking of how snow, freezing temperatures and ice will affect our lives. The power of technology is there to help make the harsh winter months a lot easier for us.

Find out these 5 practical mobile phone applications for this cool winter season:

1: Winter Survival Kit

The Winter season Survival Kit app is helpful in revealing you where you are, notifying loved ones when you stuck in a snow storm and determining how long you can keep your car to stay warm.

It was lately developed by two N. Dakota State College students and had 12,000+ downloads just after a week of its release. It’s freely available to all Android and iPhone users.

The app additionally provides safety and security tips as well as a button that can find the nearby gas stations.

Hat tip: WXOW.com

2: Winter Wake-Up

Fix My Touch - Winter Wake Up

Fix My Touch – Winter Wake Up

Do you generally rush out the door for work in the early morning only because of frost clinging on to your windscreen? Well, Boondoggle’s cost-free Winter Wake-Up app, works best for Apple iPhone and Android mobile phones. The app will certainly wake you up early in the night if frost or snow struck your area, so you have enough time to clear it off and manage your work before you leave your house.

Hat tip: Internet App Designer

3: Road Trip Weather

Fix My Touch - Road Trip Weather Planner

Fix My Touch – Road Trip Weather Planner

If you’re planning for a long drive with your friends, but you’re not sure of the climate changes, this app will certainly stay you informed along the way. After you punch in where you’re going, it shows you projections for your path.

Hat Tip: Time Techland


4: SD Calc

This is a fun app that is useful for mom, dad and school youngsters for finding out the possible school closings. SD Calc asks you to connect in the overnight snowfall, a climate type, your location’s annual snowfall amount and also the amount of children that use the bus. Then it will certainly spew out an approximated percentage opportunity for a snow day.

Hat Tip: SD Calc App

5: OnTheSnow Snow Reports

Fix My Touch - Kelowna Cell Repair

Fix My Touch – OnTheSnow

This app is specially designed for people who desperately wait for high snowfall to enjoy vacations. It’s a cost free app, which help you in finding out the resorts in your area for recent accumulation, weather updates and also snow conditions.

These are simply a few popular winter season mobile apps, offered to people all over the world. Which one is your favorite app for your winters?

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