Avoid Needing to Fix Your Smartphone After Making These Cleaning Mistakes

Avoid Needing to Fix Your Smartphone After Making These Cleaning Mistakes

Right now staying healthy is especially important to everyone, and that includes having healthy habits and cleaning practices. One suspect you might not have considered is sitting right there in your pocket: your smartphone. Unless you want to have frequent touch screen repairing though, there are some key mistakes to avoid making when cleaning your smartphone.

Avoid Frequent Touch Screen Repairing: Don’t Submerge Your Phone in Cleaning Products

Your phone will totally be germ-free if you dunk it in a sink full of Clorox disinfectant right? Well, yes, but your phone probably won’t work well after that. In fact, unless your phone is advertised as IPX7 or higher in terms of water-resistance, you shouldn’t be dunking it in anything, ever.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your smartphone germ-free though. In fact, we recommend cleaning it once a day. Lightly disinfecting your phone with disinfectant wipes or spraying disinfectant onto a microfiber cloth and then gently wiping down your phone both work as effective cleaning methods. Just be cautious near openings to avoid any opening like headphone jacks to avoid seepage.

Using disinfectant wipes on smartphone

Don’t Use Any Harsh Chemicals

Just like how you shouldn’t dunk your phone in disinfectant, you also shouldn’t lather it up in bleach or other harsh chemicals either. Not only could this cause seepage, but the abrasive nature of some cleaners can also eat away at your phone and touch screen.

Instead, use non-abrasive disinfectant wipes or 70% isopropyl alcohol to wipe your phone clean of germs. Be careful not to wipe too hard, you could damage the screen if you apply too much pressure. Instead, wipe gently using a light motion to disinfect your phone.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Phone Case and Accessories

Fantastic! You’ve cleaned and fully disinfected your phone, but did you fully disinfect all parts of your phone?

Specifically, did you clean your phone case? What about your screen protector? Like your phone itself, any accessories you use frequently should also be cleaned.

Unlike your phone, cases and screen protectors can often be more easily cleaned. Depending on the type of material, you can often use harsher chemicals or submerge your accessories in a cleaning solution. They’re also often more durable and can stand up to harsh scrubbing as well.

Of course, don’t forget to clean your hands either. Regular hand-washing will help prevent germs from getting transferred to your phone.

By avoiding making the above mistakes, you can take one more step to keep yourself healthy and also avoid any unnecessary touch screen repairing as well.



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