What to Do With an Old Phone

What to Do With an Old Phone

If your old phone won’t be worth it to trade it in and upgrade it, is there any point in hanging on to it? As it turns out, there is. In fact, there are multiple things you can do with an old smartphone. So if you’re wondering what to do with an old phone, read on to get the details on the best ways to make use of one. 

What to Do With an Old Phone? Make It Into a Glorified MP3 Player 

All smartphones (even most old ones) play music and music streaming apps, so why not use your old one as your personal music hub? You’ll save storage space on your current or new phone by not having your music on it and you’ll have access to all your favourite songs all on one device. You can even set up voice activation on it and use it as a sort of Google Home Mini to play your favourite beats when you want to jam out at home. 

Man using old phone as a remote desktop

Turn It Into a Remote Computer Terminal 

While not possible on iPhones, Android users can actually use their phone to access their desktop remotely. You’ll have to install and set up TeamViewer (a third-party app) on your old phone and computer, but once you do you’ll easily able to access just about everything on your home computer with ease. The app has simple touchscreen commands built-in to make it easier to control from your phone, but there’s will still be a bit of a learning curve to get used to it. 

Give Your Phone to Your Kids 

If you can’t use it, your kids definitely will. Perfect for them to play mobile games, or listen to music on car trips, they’ll at least extend the use someone is getting out of it before it dies. 

However, before you hand off your device you may want to do a factory reset on it just to protect your own data from getting out. If you have young children you may want to put parent tracking apps or restrictions on it so your kids use their new device responsibly. 

Make It Into a Home Security Camera 

The wide-angle lens on most phones is perfect for grabbing the maximum view for videos. There are several great third-party apps that can not only make your phone function as a security camera but also motion detection.  

Of course, just keep in mind it’ll have to be plugged in if you want it your old phone to last more than an hour or so. Once everything is set up though, you’ll be able to check in on your home whenever you choose. 

Old phone mounted in car

Use It as a Permanently Mounted GPS/Music Player 

Not all of us have vehicles with built-in music services, and even those that do can sometimes be frustrating to deal with. Getting a mount for your phone and the necessary connections to link it to your car can be surprisingly inexpensive and a great way to make use of an old phone.  

Not only is it an easy way to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while you drive, it’s also a simple solution to add GPS navigation to your car. Just make sure you set it up to be hands-free while driving so you don’t have to touch it. 

Set It up as a Digital Picture Frame 

This probably works better for old tablets since they have larger screens, but it can be a good option for phones as well. Because phones are smaller they can be a good option for digital picture frames at work where they are less distracting.  

The Google Photos app even has a built-in slideshow option to easily swap between your selected album of photos. 

There are plenty more great options out there for an old phone, so don’t be so keen on getting rid of it right away. That being said, if you know you won’t be using it, and just really want an upgrade, give it back to your service provider if they have a recycling program. That way your phone doesn’t end up in a landfill or impacting the environment with some of its more toxic components. 




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