iPhone 5/5s/5c sales move up after 6 launch?

iPhone 5/5s/5c sales move up after 6 launch?

Why #Apple iPhone 5S & #iPhone5C still in high demand post #iPhone6 launch?Apple logo
iPhone 5c & 5s have been the most in demand post new launch. This is a bit shocking since with the weekend sales record of iPhone 6/6 Plus out, it was expected otherwise. This has led to the overall steadiness of Apple’s share in the market. #Apple   #iPhone6   #TechNews   #Tuesday

ap-1When Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its 1st generation iPhone back in the year 2007, never did it imagine that it would reinvent the smartphone industry. From 6.1 million sales of first generation iPhone units over first five quarters to 10 million iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus sales in first three days, Apple’s success speaks for itself. It is not as if the original iPhone, as it was called, was perfect in every sense but it indeed received a resounding yes from one and all. From 8GB iPhone (1G) to 16 GB iPhone 6 Plus, success has been phenomenon!

ap-3What even more interesting to note is the fluctuation in the price of iPhone 5 versions. Price of iPhone 5 actually rose, following the announcement of iPhone 6/6 Plus! Though we do not expect current versions of any existing smartphone to go obsolete overnight, however, increase in their price is obviously not the trend. Moreover, with problems like bending, loss of cellular service being revealed in new iPhones, iPhone 5s’c will continue to retain their markets. Data provided by Terapeak after having a look at EBay sales for iPhone 5s shows some fascinating ups and downs.

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